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WE believe LIFE is so much better when we SHARE it with others. Life Groups are designed to bring us together to foster new and existing relationships through faith and fellowship. 

Fall Semester 2023 (October - December) 

Group 1 CHOSEN: Join this small group for fellowship, popcorn, and discussions of your favorite episodes of the series CHOSEN.

Group 2 BASKETBALL: If you enjoy shooting hoops and or watching a good game of basketball, this group is for you. 

Please submit the following registration form and in the message indicate which group or groups you would like to sign-up for. The Group Leader will then reach out to you with all the details of their group. 


Get connected with a Life Group by submitting this form. Please indicate which group you would like to attend by stating Group 1 or Group 2. If both, please indicate both.  

Thanks for submitting!
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